How are you Honoring Endings?

Honor Endings by Funnel Marketing Consulting

I’m feeling an overflowing of gratitude right now.

In all my working over the past 27 years & 9 businesses, I’ve never been so completely comfortable & aligned as I have been with my clients Barbara & Don with Sage Seeker LLC {}.

We have very similar values, philosophies, energies, & mutual respect.  To say that I’m totally the fortunate one is an understatement. What they’ve brought to my life is truly visionary & life changing… just like they’re doing for & with their clients… the ones that are brave enough to say YES to any of their coaching, consulting, or nature immersion experiences.

One of the philosophies they teach is about…

Honoring Endings.

For what?

Take your pick…

~ a change in the season of your life
~ a change in the season of your career / job
~ a relationship {personal or biz}
~ a project {Yes!}
~ an accomplishment in your personal or biz life
~ a child going to college
~ a child getting married
~ a medical diagnosis that {even temporarily} changes things for you
~ a move
~ an abrupt pivot turn in your biz
~ etc

Would you agree that our life is SO fast paced these days?  Totally!

It’s no wonder we keep plowing forward & somewhere along the line realize that “something’s missing”. We’re not as fulfilled as we think we should be on a day to day basis… even within the context of a career / job that we love.

Was the project you just completed fun? {Yes, but usually there are MANY other words associated with it, too, right?!}

Did you & your team take a breather & celebrate its completion regardless of the outcome? Did you share stories {increasing bonds} & eventually converse about what was awesome, what was not, & what as a group will be the recommendation for improvement next time?
*Remember, there is no “good & bad”. Those are perceptions. Labels.

Was there praise of effort for each other? Attitude? Honesty? Vulnerability? Appreciation? Things that could easily make or break a team?

If Honoring Endings isn’t a part of your personal & business life, I’d very strongly encourage you to look for opportunities & ask how this can be incorporated. It just may be the missing key to fulfillment.

Just yesterday, I took some time out of my day to do just that.  What was the ending? We just officially completed our 1st season in our “summer home”, our 32′ Freedom sailboat, Twilight. This was a 7 yr in the making dream.

To be completely honest, when I woke up yesterday, I had no idea that this was to be my day’s mission. As a recovering overplanner {a good proactive safety mechanism for control}, I’m very much now in love with the idea of “Inspired Action”. This is directly what lead me to take time for proper reflection & journaling.

Ironically, it was 1 year prior to the day that I took time out for reflection, too, as I was reminded by my Google photo account!  The ending that time? The Growth Summit in Phoenix had just ended & I was about to dive in deep to question my WHY… which as it turns out, was directly responsible for a pivot turn in my business.

I Love Travel! Everything about it. The new experiences. The people. The beautiful scenery. Adventure.

It dawned on me that a prereq to true, deep, reflection isn’t to travel hundreds or thousands of miles away {although, I look forward to doing this in the future!}… but just requires {for me} a beautiful nature spot where I can be alone with my thoughts… minimize distractions… & journal what comes.

So what was the outcome for me yesterday?

I was able to see more clearly just how far I’ve come, both personally & professionally over my lifetime. I felt proud & acknowledged my progress & “wins”. This hasn’t come easily for me in the past as I’d rather focus on others vs myself, but I’ve realized that in order to really & truly give of myself to my 6 Figure+ Dream Clients, not only do I need to up my growth game, but to create more fulfillment for myself. Yes! I’m responsible for my own fulfillment. I Own My Fulfillment & as you can too.

It was amazing to have the reality of achieving a 7 year in the making dream that many, many did not share & believe that it could really be possible for us. At the end of the day, we didn’t either, but what we learned was that a strong intention… baby steps of progress to work a “plan” & the continual reminder & accountability to each other {my husband & I in this case} was enough to keep the fires burning & working toward our Dream. We can’t control the outcome or circumstances, but we can control our intentions & actions.

How about you? What endings want to be honored before you can properly move forward?

Make time & create space to do this on your own.


If you’d love some guidance / coaching to shortcut thinking time & to get the most from this process, visit 1:1 Virtual MedicineWalk to learn more. If you schedule a conversation, tell Barbara & /or Don that Crystal says hi! 🙂

I Believe in You! We Got This & Let’s Rock Our Collective Impact,
~Crystal 🙂

My Origin Story ~ Whew!

Sometimes in life the waves push us around. Sometimes the storm is a test for what’s to come. One thing is for certain… there are many Life Lessons we learn. Not one is a mistake or failure, but a lesson… IF we acknowledge, learn, & then strive to apply it in our lives.

Have you experienced being seemingly “magnetically drawn” to certain people? You may not even consciously be aware of why? I certainly have! & as human nature goes, so is your audience.

Authentic & Attraction Marketing isn’t about manipulation, like the traditional feel of “Old School” marketing. There’s a new wave, albeit small, of marketing… of people sick & tired of fast talking people, & a magnetic draw to those that understand you.

Have you felt it? Have you experienced it? It may be slower in organic growth, but I fully feel & believe that it’s stronger & more sustainable long term.

So, HOW do you start doing this naturally in YOUR business? Start with your Origin Story.

Because this is something I NEEDED to do & because it’s a Show, Not Tell example for YOU, I created my own this week. The timing was finally right for me.

{Deep Breath!}

This wasn’t easy for me, but I invite you to check it out for yourself & ask that you please share it with anyone you feel might gain inspiration from it as well.

Okay, here we go…

Wow! So what did you think?

Any A~Ha moments for you?

Who do you know who might be inspired by my story. Please share. It just might help them feel more understood.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock

Ya… let’s do this… #SustainableLifestyle

Who’s In?!

25 Oct 5am Inspiration

I LOVE Your Work. It has meaning, depth, & impact. Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

{Back in Oct, I was working with a client.

She was struggling with another colleague giving advice of what her biz goals should be. {Has this ever happened to you?}

I woke up at 5am with this letter of inspiration & this just flowed… so I wanted to share with you, too.

Does this benefit you, too?

Check it out & let me know in the comments below… I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!}

I LOVE your work. It has meaning, depth, & impact.
I LOVE my work. It has meaning, depth, & impact.

As Highly Sensitives, we have a rhythm & pace that is natural for us. As natural as an individual fingerprint that is unique to only YOU. {pretty amazing, right?!}

I believe that others lead with the best of intentions, but be Aware {mindful}, that everyone has their own agenda. That isn’t right or wrong, but just IS… for them.

Be aware & mindful that others may {& will} try to push your natural rhythm & process to better suit theirs. This will be a test for you.

I believe in YOU & your impactful work.

It deserves to be honoured & respected just like others’ view points & opinions – even if they do not match our own.

My mother gave me HANDS DOWN the best advice of my life. She said, “Crystal, Everybody has good intentions. They will give advice & opinions in the name of ‘helping’. Your only obligation is to smile, nod, say thank you, & then turn around & do your own thing.”

{Wow, right?! How powerful & practical is that?!}

WE have choices to make a {gentle, polite, firm} stand for what’s best for us. We are responsible for our choices & not anyone else.

We’ve already experienced in our lives what happens when we don’t, right?

Today, we unite, encourage, support, & uplift one another to trust OURSELVES.

You are a leader for other voices, too. Let’s draw a line in the sand today & decide to use our own versions of the following…

“I’m grateful that you love me enough to share with me. I trust that you feel this is the right choice for you, but to be true to myself, it isn’t the right choice for me at this time.” ​

Let’s decide to Trust & Love the Process & see how it goes. Everything has perfect timing. Have patience. If something feels pushed or you feel resistance, then look inside to see what lesson you’re supposed to learn. I love you. We’re in this together! 🙂

Big Hugs & Let’s Rock!
~Crystal 🙂

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