Testimonials vs Case Studies

Testimonials vs Case Studies Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

It’s common knowledge that testimonials are a must on your website, right?

In my past careers, I’ve both owned a website design & development company & ran a digital marketing agency, {where we also offered websites}.

Although the “where” or “how” they’re used has evolved {from all on 1 page, to sprinkled everywhere}, the fact remains that they’re a total no brainer, right? Of course you have to {& want} have testimonials on your website.

But… there’s a trend in online marketing that I’m wholeheartedly in alignment with… especially as it applies to #AuthenticMarketing… and we now see them everywhere.

Case Studies!

Yup! So testimonials are used, but more commonly used now are Case Studies.

So, what exactly is the difference between a Testimonial & a Case Study?

At their most fundamental, foundational level…

A testimonial tells how awesome either You or Your Product / Service is.  A Case Study demonstrates the Story of your Client during working with you.

Does that make sense?

So, a testimonial does a great job of quickly saying, “Yup, I had a wonderful experience & recommend that you consider them, too.”

A Case Study gets into the fun details such as…

~ why were they drawn to you
~ what was the situation in their life / biz that resulted in them looking for a solution
~ what was the specific reason they said Yes
~ what was their impression / reaction when you delivered your solution
~ how do they feel this will impact their biz  / life going forward
~ etc

So how do we use these in your marketing?

  1. Have a process in place to capture these comments / moments throughout your time of working with you
  2. Either get permission to promote their business {use their name & biz} or leave their name out & still share their story. *Recommend to include this permission / expectation on the front end before or during signing on with you
  3. Create the Case Study Story
  4. Have it as an Opt~In download on your site / marketing funnel{s}
  5. Expand on bits of the story & share on your Social Media
  6. Use in the promotion / launch of the same product / service in your marketing funnel{s} & paid Ads
  7. Weave these stories into your email sequences
  8. When relevant, use when having conversations with new prospects

Yup, Case Studies are an important part of #Authentic & #AttractionMarketing, especially when you’re warming up a cold audience who isn’t already familiar with your work… an important key in successfully transitioning your already successful offline coaching, consulting, or training business online.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock
~Crystal 🙂

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The Refreshing, It’s~About~Time Marketing Trend!

RefreshingMarketingTrend Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

So, if you watched my {painfully emotional!} Origin Story, you might remember that one of my dreams {my vision!} is to empower 1000 Highly Sensitive Leaders {although all are invited if inspired!} to join me in my quest to make a Real, Tangible, #PositiveImpact.

With my main focus of working with established Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, Authors & Leaders, I did a ton of research for other “marketing gurus” to follow. After all, one of the main lessons we’re taught in business is to not reinvent the wheel, right?

Find someone who’s doing what you want to do, learn from them, then turn around & do the same, right?

In the course of my research a very clear & distinct trend became obvious to me.

First, what I didn’t like…

In the course of my own ClickFunnels certification {many wonderful things I learned & people I met!}, although I was hands down in love with the software, I became aware that every time I ran across a video with the co-founder & CEO, Russell Brunson, I got a bit squirmy & just wanted to shut it off. The energy of the video was a bit stressing for me. Now, to be fair to Russell, a couple of things…

~ I love many things about what he teaches, his family values, & his Give Back component of his business &

~ He certainly has proved that he can make money!

… however, he hands down doesn’t resonate with ME.

& it’s not just Russell… there are plenty of fast talking, loud, slick sales & marketing {& business!} gurus out there that {at least for me} are missing something when it comes to real, genuine, authentic connection.

Have you ever experienced this? Are you familiar with I’m talking about?

& I don’t know about you, but at this stage of my life, I’m no longer willing to settle.

Life Is Too Short. Let’s Cut To The Chase. Let’s Build Our Own Community of Like~Minded, Like~Driven Encouragers, Uplifters, Supporters, & Action Takers. {Am I right?!}

So, what’s the Refreshing, It’s~About~Time Marketing Trend?!

Here it is…



This trend speaks from & to the heart. From our deep, authentic truths. There is no bait & switch. There are no shame or guilt tactics… nothing that makes us feel dirty or icky.

It’s all about creating real, genuine, authentic connections, then trust with our audiences.

It’s about using our own vulnerabilities to showcase strengths, which create real bonds with our audience.

It does however include natural urgencies because having your prospects make a decision one way or another is a service to you both!

It incorporates Value Adds vs Price Slashing. Let’s Own the Value of our products & services vs trying to inauthentically puff up the perceived value.

I choose to also believe that Authentic Marketing is best used for the intention of creating real impact.

No network marketing.

No get rich quick.

But real people. With a real deep seeded desire to help another achieve results. Yes, information is needed, but a movement that includes the intention to do our part to setup our clients to get real results.

Right?!  Do you agree? What would you add?

I’m not sure about you, but I for one am Crazy Excited about this new marketing trend & I’m extremely proud to stake my claim & say that I’m a part of it, too!

How about You?!

Let’s #TakeAStand together!

To Let’s rock our #PositiveImpact,
~Crystal 🙂

“I really hate this way of selling…”

Do You Hate This Kind of Selling too? Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

Question… have you ever heard ‘Marketing Gurus’, other entrepreneurs, or seen copy in marketing materials that just ‘Feels Off’ to YOU?! This is VERY common in the online marketing industry & actually a very big driver for me to both stick with & educate others on Authentic & Attraction Marketing.

One of my current clients {A~Ma~Zing to work with!} ran into this when collaborating on a future 5 day event with another entrepreneur…

Below is a ‘behind~the~scenes’ conversation between the 2 of us…

Can you relate? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. I’d LOVE to hear your stories, too! 🙂

Client:     “I’m currently working with {name purposely left out} on a 5 day {event} format called {name purposely left out}. In a call with {interested colleague} this week she urged us to price the 5 day at a regular fare of xx,000 USD and then offer deep discounts.

I really hate this way of selling…

Any thoughts on that?”

Crystal:     I LOVE this question & as you may guess, I have a very deliberate opinion on it.

1st, I believe in Authentic & Attraction Marketing.

I believe in Value Adds & not discounting.

Yes, it’s {discounting} a ‘proven marketing ploy’. Yes, this is what I was taught in my Certification training with ClickFunnels.

However. As You & I both already know & feel deep in our gut… this approach is not for us. It’s just not in alignment with who we are at the Core, even though that’s what’s being taught.

We give ourselves permission to trust our guts & to Be the Client that we would want to attract.

What I’ve learned {& even more recently Experienced!}} is that there’s a way to use the words that the end user is already thinking, feeling, & doing to authentically attract them to your Solution{s}… we attempt to really put ourselves in their shoes… the intention is to get to know them better than they know themselves. We do that with stories.

Since working with you on your 1st {Build Your Foundation} package, I’ve revised the intake questions to make it more streamlined to look at these answers so that we can use them effectively & Naturally in our marketing. Because I’m committed to your success {I truly believe in what you do} & because I intend to use you as a Success Story to promote your business in my own marketing, my intention is to make sure that we’re both in alignment with the wording that’s put out there in your marketing funnel. {I work linear in layers!} We want to ensure we’re doing everything possible to have you see success. I’m not comfortable with sloppy work. 🙂

On Pricing in General…

#1 ~ Trust your Gut
#2 ~ It’s better to start low… get some success stories of others to use in your continued marketing, then as you start rolling & start attracting more clients, the ‘old’ clients may benefit from being ‘Grandfathered In’ to the starter rates & any new would be at the newer rates.
*Added Benefit… if you were a client under the old pricing, but now knew that the price increase didn’t affect you, how would You feel? Awesome, right? This also shows your Core Value of Integrity at work!
#3 ~ What would the value be worth to them? How can we show considerably GREATER value receiving vs what they’re paying?

It’s okay if we don’t have all of the answers right now, but we can ponder & come up with what makes sense & feels right.

I’m so deeply honoured to work with both you & {your business partner… name purposely left out} powerhouses that are in total alignment with me & my business. It’s a treasure & so not like that with everyone {& that’s ok}. 🙂

I hope this helps! Please continue to reach out & ask me anything at anytime Whatsoever! We’re in this together & I have a stake in your success as well!
It Will Happen! 🙂

Big Hugs, my friend! 🙂

Can you relate? What are your thoughts?
Let me know in the comments below. I’d LOVE to hear your stories & experiences, too! 🙂