5 Reasons Why We Should Strive for a 30 hr Work Week

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A number of years ago, my husband & I were discussing our “Ideal Lifestyle”… amidst the hustle & bustle of {at the time} 2 teenage daughters, both in hockey… our lives were very different than it is now {but that’s another story!}.

Although we’re known for thinking outside the box {compared to our family anyway!}, we ran the gamut of ideas from selling our house & business, buying a 5th Wheel & traveling the country with our daughters before they were grown & gone…. to living on a sailboat… working remotely… living anywhere… etc.

While we did end up taking a 2 month working family roadtrip from Minne~snow~ta down the eastern side of Florida… down to the Keys {where this awesome pic was taken! Yup, that’s a dolphin, swimming playfully in the wake of the boat we were on in the Everglades!}… then up the western side, before heading “back up north”… this proved to be the perfect “Test” for us regarding our mobility & everything that went along with it.

When it comes down to it, I {we} believe that life can be pretty stressful & that waiting until we’re in our 60s to take any sort of “break” from working, other than the odd, typically “weekend vacation” just simply doesn’t sound appealing to us. {Does it to you?!}

Because of this, my husband & I said, “What if we could create a lifestyle where we only worked 30, then 20 hrs a week?” How would we feel, mentally, emotionally, physically? So…. why would we “stop” working at a certain age… assuming we were physically, mentally, & emotionally able to continue?

So… we have PLENTY of WHYs to only work 30 hours a week… but let’s take a closer look at my favorites…

1.  Better Emotional Health

I don’t know of anybody {well, except perhaps my dad who has “no stress”… it’s actually a joke with us} who wouldn’t be better equipped to deal with life’s curve balls if given more time off, right?!

2. More Creative Flow

Especially true for us Highly Sensitives, how wonderful would it be to have SO Much More unscheduled time that would empower our brains to process & seemingly “like magic” come up with wonderfully creative ideas & solutions?! How fun!

3. Better Physical Health

So, one of our goals is to get outside so much more than we used to. How much fun would it be to hike, snowshoe, climb, paddleboard, bike, kayak, ski, snowboard, body board, etc AND then realize that by doing these “fun” outdoor activities, we were becoming physically healthier at the same time?! #Priceless

4. More Career Focus

If your goal was to only work 20-30 hrs a week, do you think it would help to be more focused, thus productive during the times you WERE working?! You Bet! I believe we’d be “forced” to really scrutinize how we’re using our time & what we could then delegate, right?!

5. More Fulfilling Life

Whether we spend time being proactive with important relationships or the ability to Give Back in a way that’s meaningful to us {mentor, volunteer, donate, etc}, or the time & space to learn a new skill…. the effects would be staggering!

So, there’s my short list! I LOVE this topic, am very passionate about it, & could go on, but my intention with these is to plant a seed & get the creative juices flowing for how this could be applied to you & your life…. should this resonate with you as well!

So, what do you think? Any “A-Ha” moments?

What would be critical that you’d add? Please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

I Believe in You! & We Got This!

Let’s  Rock Your #PositiveImpact,
Crystal 🙂

Crystal Kumpula with Funnel Marketing Consulting

My WHY Was Wrong?!

Red Rocks State Park Funnel Marketing Consulting Crystal Kumpula

I’ll never forget that moment…

~ The Growth Summit Oct 2017 with Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, & Ethan Willis {find him under the Experts We Work with section} had come to a close…

~ David Mykel from CliffHanger Academy {now a Collaboration Partner} & Dana Musat {Holistic Tax Consultant… yes Holistic!} had flown back to New York…

~ I had moved into my own quiet Airbnb to recover, recharge my Highly Sensitive brain & to allow my deeply processing brain to do just that.{Given the noise & heavy social interactions over the course of the previous few days, it’s part of my Highly Sensitive Leader Habits to create quiet space for myself before & after events}…

~ & I had rented a car, drove to Sedona & was now sitting in a gorgeous, peaceful outdoor view of the magnificently stunning rock formations at Red Rock State Park in my own space off of a hiking trail {see above}… I was in love!

I had just completed my 7 Levels Deep exercise in my journal taught to us by Dean, & was shocked to see that the WHY I was very proud of {had come up with diamond clarity after a quiet meditation the previous Nov} was somehow NOT Deep Enough.

What?! It was wrong!?!! I was so stunned…

Now let me just preface this by saying that my very profound {to me} WHY has been plastered all over my LinkedIn account… I had started discussing it with others {with amazing feedback}… was very personal to me… & just like that

was shattered.

{…still stunned}

So what is my new WHY?

Let me share a bit with you…

I wrote in my journal to ask myself…
Why did I invest my time & energy to become certified with ClickFunnels?
{6th level down answer} So they feel they’re being seen.
{7th level down} Why is this so important?
So they know they are worthy of being themselves.

Wow. I have tears in my eyes now as I write this.

You’ll know you have your True, Deep, WHY when it’s emotional for you… not that Everyone is Worthy of Being Seen wasn’t, mind you… but because of what Dean taught us, I trusted him that going to the 7th level was non-negotiable.

I used to think that creating an Impact… being a part of Others’ Success… creating the lifestyle I desire… helping others… Giving Back, etc… was my WHY.

And why not? It’s certainly all true for me… certainly noble enough… but experiencing Dean excitedly & emotionally explain, then demonstrate this live had changed me. So powerful.

And now I finally get it.

So, how does this apply to you?

First… let’s all… Find Our {true} Why… {let me know if you’d like more info on how to do this for yourself & others… update ~ now see my How To Demo}

Next… understand that this is a subconscious driver that will leave you with NO choice {in a good way} to pursue helping others & bring your own personal Clarity as to Why this is important to you {ha, no pun intended}.

So, if you’re an established Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Author, Expert, or Leader, I challenge you to take a Very close look at your marketing copy & steadily work on revising as necessary. For example…

~ YOUR STORY. Your story is the #1 most powerful marketing tool you have. Period. After finding YOUR Why, consider your origin story of why you do the work that you do & see how this ties in. Once you do, shoot a real, raw, authentic video of you. Upload to your FB page directly. Upload to your YouTube account, share everywhere you can & ask others to share with someone else they feel it might also inspire {how cool & fun is that?!}. {BTW – I’m working on mine, too. It both terrifies & excites me for multiple reasons, but I know it’s critical to get it out! ~ Update: Mine is now live here, whew!} 🙂

~ WEBSITE, LANDING PAGES, SOCIAL MEDIA ACCTS, SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, BROCHURES, EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, ETC. How well does your authentic voice, personality & heart come through? Does your new Why give you a new lens? Acknowledge & give yourself permission to take this one piece at a time & revise, & reintroduce at your own pace. {I believe that Everything Has Perfect Timing & that We’re the only Gauge we need for business… not our competition… not others on social media… Period.} 🙂

So, what do you think? What came up for you as you were reading this?

Who do you know that might be able to relate or be inspired by this? Feel free to share via the social sharing bar on the left & say Hi below!

To our collective #PositiveImpact,
Crystal 🙂