Who would you be at your most powerful; a 10?

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I remember very vividly this day… this experience… where I sat in the room… the shape of the table… the brightness of the lights… the people immediately around me… some known… some not.

I remember being unsure about what this speaker would have us do… but open to give it a try.

She was up on stage. I, at a round table, at an event in Detroit when I worked with another company.

She had us close our eyes.

She took us through a series of exercises to clear & quiet our minds, then go deep within ourselves.

At the end, she said, “Okay, now picture yourself at your most powerful. A 10.” then was silent to let us process & let the picture pop up in our minds.

When I opened my eyes, I had tears {I do now as I’m writing & reliving this!}. What did I see?

I saw myself at a podium… speaking to a group {room?} of Highly Sensitive People. It was a community of sorts or an event.

This was so powerful that it scared me. It also saddened me because in that moment in time, I received confirmation that I was not on the right path.

This experience has been in the back of my mind since about 2016, but I haven’t actively moved towards this vision for lack of knowing how it fits into the bigger picture of my career.

I’m giddy. I’m excited. I’m grounded. I’m calm. I’m confident that I’m starting to see the bigger picture. I & my business have been shifting within the last 6 months & there are bigger & different things ahead for us {stay tuned!}

I’m now clear that I’m deeply passionate about helping, encouraging, uplifting, & supporting fellow highly sensitive leaders to be worthy to be themselves, to have & use their own unique, authentic voices, to be truly seen & heard, so they can have the impact they crave.

What this looks like & what this means is still unfolding.

I will let you in on a sneak peek, though. I’ve started to write my 1st book & am over the moon excited about it!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

So now it’s my turn to ask you…

Who would you be at your most powerful; a 10?

I See YOU, my friend! Let’s do this…

Lots of Love,
~Crystal 🙂

It went straight to my heart…

It went straight to my heart. ? My core. & apparently my subconscious.â €
â €
I was a young teenager… felt the loss… the resignation… the defeat… & the reluctant, but duty bound decision of my dad {my hero} to give up his entrepreneurial dreams… to go back to teaching.⠀
â €
Now, don’t get me wrong. I knew my dad loved teaching & was incredibly gifted with it. But he couldn’t fool me. His heart & passion lied in creating a better life for us all. ⠀
â €
It left a deep, profound impression on me.â €
{This is a pic of us from 2011 at his retirement party} ?â €
â €
Fast forward to today… ⠀
~ 9 businesses {involved in}, 6 as owner / co~ownerâ €
~ past President of BNI chapterâ €
~ ran an international digital marketing agencyâ €
~ funnel marketing certification with ClickFunnelsâ €
~ expert in cultivating authentic connectionsâ €
~ obsessed with solving #1 challenge for most businesses… marketingâ €
â €
But not just any marketing… one that speaks to me in a genuine authentic way. & if you’re reading this, I know that you feel the same way, too!⠀
â €
?Question… Do these resonate with you? Are you wondering…â €
“How can I create authentic connections & attract the right audience online without overwhelm?⠀⠀
Now that I have many happy clients, how do I ramp up my income without draining my energy?⠀⠀
How do I create a manageable system for ramping up my income?”⠀

If so, I’d love to have a phone conversation with you to learn more. Schedule at your convenience here.

To Our Collective #PositiveImpact,
Crystal 🙂

Nice to “meet” you!

Crystal Kumpula with Funnel Marketing Consulting

Hey my friends!! I’m Crystal. I live in the Greater Mpls area of MN during the winter & spend approx May ~ Oct on our sailboat near the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. ⠀
â €
I am a Highly Sensitive Person, married for over 25 years, of Finnish heritage & a Funnel Marketing Consultant, Coach, & Strategist. â €
â €
I have a unique perspective because I previously raised 2 {now married} daughters that have deep connections with me, ran an international digital marketing agency, & successfully completed ClickFunnel’s certification program.⠀
â €
The top questions people have for me are: â €
~ How do I know if I’m ready to market my business online?⠀
~ How can I create authentic connections with a new audience online without overwhelm?â €
~ Now that I have many happy clients, how do I ramp up my income without draining my energy?â €
~ How do I create a manageable system for ramping up my income?â €
â €
Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in and love travel, sailing, & rock climbing {including mixed climbing}.⠀
â €
I’m determined to show up as the best version of myself because I believe that Everyone is Worthy to Be Themselves and that Creating a Real Tangible #PositiveImpact Matters. This is what keeps me focused on my goals.⠀
â €
Nice to “meet” you! I’m looking forward to connecting!
~Crystal ?â €
â €
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