When I was a little girl, I was told that I was sensitive.


Yes, I felt it to be true… but never gave it much thought.

While working for a different company a few years back, I was on a trip, at a dinner networking event, & across the table the gal was chatting with someone about what she does. She mentioned “HSP” {she’s a coach for HSPs}. I inquired what it was.

The second she responded with “Highly Sensitive Person” all of my senses & intuition went on high alert! I asked her to describe how someone knew they were highly sensitive & she began to describe Me. To. A. T! {I wish I could remember her exact descriptions used, but do not. Just the feeling associated with the deep & profound revelation for me!}

It was a Very clear, Defining moment in my life.

Fast forward to 2016. For many reasons, it was becoming clearer to me that I was in the wrong job for my energy level. My anxiety level was increasingly high {summer to fall}. My body was reacting with debilitating migraines I wouldn’t wish on anyone & chronic fatigue. My self esteem & confidence was suffering & I suddenly realized that my real family goals were put by the wayside. I decided enough was enough.

Or actually, my body decided for me.

I was forced to take a medical leave of absence from mid Dec 2016 – mid Jan 2017. It was either that or end up in the hospital. No contest.

I had intended to go back part time, but in mid Jan 2017 it became diamond clear to me that going back would not be good for me & now I got to reinvent myself.

I opted to go through the ClickFunnels Certification Program & successfully completed that by April 2017. I was both excited, proud, & terrified, ha! 🙂 The program certified me to be a Funnel Marketing Consultant, based on the strategy, process, & technical training I had just completed, so that’s how Funnel Marketing Consulting was born!

My intention was & IS to hand pick established fellow Introvert & Highly Sensitive Leaders in the Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Author, Trainer, & Expert fields to work with & support to increase the Impact of their work without additional energy drain {ya, sounded great to me, too!}.

I have a deep driving desire to be a part of others’ success. For me that’s defined by meeting our objectives to increase Your Impact… be it…

~ Effectively & Automatically Growing Your Email List
~ Selling Your Beloved Products / Services Online {using a break even funnel to increase your profits on your High Ticket products / services}
~ Generating Pre-qualifed Leads for Your High Ticket 1:1 or Group Programs, Events, Masterminds, or whatever else you can dream up!

I love being inspired by the work of others & believe very strongly in Collaboration & Strength Partners.

I believe that Everyone is Worthy of Being Themselves & would love to help the Right Leader break through their income plateau to achieve the Next Level of Success in their business & life!

So, whether working from my sailboat, rock climbing, paddleboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, deep thinking, writing, reading, or spending time with my family, my deep processing brain is always working for how to best help YOU achieve more to Give Back.

What drives you to win in life & in business? I’d LOVE to hear from you below!

To Your Impact,
Crystal Kumpula 🙂