Testimonials vs Case Studies

Testimonials vs Case Studies Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

It’s common knowledge that testimonials are a must on your website, right?

In my past careers, I’ve both owned a website design & development company & ran a digital marketing agency, {where we also offered websites}.

Although the “where” or “how” they’re used has evolved {from all on 1 page, to sprinkled everywhere}, the fact remains that they’re a total no brainer, right? Of course you have to {& want} have testimonials on your website.

But… there’s a trend in online marketing that I’m wholeheartedly in alignment with… especially as it applies to #AuthenticMarketing… and we now see them everywhere.

Case Studies!

Yup! So testimonials are used, but more commonly used now are Case Studies.

So, what exactly is the difference between a Testimonial & a Case Study?

At their most fundamental, foundational level…

A testimonial tells how awesome either You or Your Product / Service is.  A Case Study demonstrates the Story of your Client during working with you.

Does that make sense?

So, a testimonial does a great job of quickly saying, “Yup, I had a wonderful experience & recommend that you consider them, too.”

A Case Study gets into the fun details such as…

~ why were they drawn to you
~ what was the situation in their life / biz that resulted in them looking for a solution
~ what was the specific reason they said Yes
~ what was their impression / reaction when you delivered your solution
~ how do they feel this will impact their biz  / life going forward
~ etc

So how do we use these in your marketing?

  1. Have a process in place to capture these comments / moments throughout your time of working with you
  2. Either get permission to promote their business {use their name & biz} or leave their name out & still share their story. *Recommend to include this permission / expectation on the front end before or during signing on with you
  3. Create the Case Study Story
  4. Have it as an Opt~In download on your site / marketing funnel{s}
  5. Expand on bits of the story & share on your Social Media
  6. Use in the promotion / launch of the same product / service in your marketing funnel{s} & paid Ads
  7. Weave these stories into your email sequences
  8. When relevant, use when having conversations with new prospects

Yup, Case Studies are an important part of #Authentic & #AttractionMarketing, especially when you’re warming up a cold audience who isn’t already familiar with your work… an important key in successfully transitioning your already successful offline coaching, consulting, or training business online.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock
~Crystal 🙂

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