Technology That Makes it Easy to Work From Anywhere

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So, last August we achieved a major milestone in our lives. My husband & I bought a sailboat. A 32′ Freedom to be more specific!

This is now our “summer home” & we’re in prep phase to move back on for our 1st full season {Wow, SO Excited!}.

I’ve worked from anywhere for years. My husband, Robin, who’s in IT, does pretty well, but still goes onsite to client offices around once a week.

In the process of both living & moving more & more towards a mobile, work from anywhere lifestyle, we definitely have some favorite tech!

Just to be clear, there are a LOT of tech options that would certainly do the job great. Whether you’re thinking of going mobile or looking to improve, see if any of the below resonates with you…

  1. Awesome nationwide phone coverage
  2. Last Sept & part of Oct when we were on the boat, the wi-fi wasn’t reliable, so we ended up using our phones as a mobile hotspot at times. The upgrade in data for us what a choice vs renting a small space for an office.

  3. Mobile Hotspot
  4. This is an actual, separate device for Internet connection {still with proper phone coverage} so we wouldn’t have to use our phones {sometimes we’d want to actually make a call}

  5. Phone {Google Voice, skype, phone apps}
  6. I have my cell for personal use with other apps, including Skype for my “business number” that can be answered via my cell if I’d like. I prefer to use a headset on my laptop with Skype for calls.

  7. Doc Storage {Google Drive {& apps},,
  8. I live in Google Drive & love Docs! Robin has many clients who use Box, though, as their permissions for folders & individual files can be shared with external users easily.

  9. Bank {mobile deposit, paypal, stripe}
  10. Gotta love mobile pay technology! Stripe is my favorite, but we both have Paypal accounts as well. 100% of my clients pay electronically, while many of Robin’s business clients still write & send checks. Love our mobile deposit bank app, too!

  11. Screensharing {, Zoom, skype}
  12. Last fall I successfully completed 2 major client presentations on our boat using Skype, & screensharing! Love!

  13. Video
  14. Like it or not, video is the #1 way to make authentic connections with people without actually being there in person. To use this, we recommend a solid Internet connection vs phone data.

  15. Outsourcing {Upwork, Fiverr}
  16. Priceless for either small stuff that needs to be done or ongoing specialty as well! I’ve hired & managed teams via Upwork {formerly Odesk} for years!

So, what do you think? any “A-Ha” moments?

What would you add?

Please let me know in the comments below.

I Believe in You & We Got This!

Big Hugs,
Crystal 🙂