Acknowledge Fear, Don’t Strive to be Fearless

Acknowledge Fear, don't Strive to be Fearless. Funnel_Marketing_Consulting

Have you noticed?

Everywhere we look, it seems, we hear, read, & experience the words or implications of the words…

Be Fearless!


From events… to the “Just Act Like You’re Not” gurus… to the “Just Ignore it” people… I’ve both heard & experienced this personally for years!

1 question…

How’s that working for you?! ?

Ya, that’s what I thought… Me Too!

So, telling someone {or You} to Be Fearless is not helpful & simply untrue.

Simply desiring it to be so won’t make it go away.

& even if it does… it’s only temporary.


Because fear {or any emotion} WANTS to be acknowledged before it will go away.


Because it’s trying to teach us a lesson & wants to know if you’re listening… wants to know it has your attention before we can proceed.

Ok, so it has our attention. Now what?!

Be Curious.

Ask yourself, “I wonder what’s going on? I wonder what it’s trying to teach me?”

It could be as simple as acknowledging it & saying, “Thank you for your concern, but that’s not true.”

After all, the primary reason fear exists is to warn us that something is wrong. To our brains, all thoughts are real, so it’s up to us to help it discern… proving true or false.

Sometimes the answer will come to us right away & sometimes it takes awhile for the truth to surface.

When it doesn’t reveal itself right away, have patience. Continue to be curious, aware, go about your day, & when your brain has the proper time to process, the reason will seemingly pop up out of nowhere!

How do I know?

Because I’ve personally experienced this myself throughout my life! The exception being, I’ve only been aware of the Acknowledgement Tool for a few years! {I wish I would have known this as a young adult as it would have avoided a lot of anxiety! This is why I’m sharing now. If there’s only 1 person that benefits from this, then we’re both happy! ?}

When we turn confusing emotions into curiosity, an interesting thing happens…

1. We temporarily deflate the power.

2. We turn a seemingly out of control emotion into empowerment {an incredible feeling!}, because we’re demonstrating that we have control

3. We increase awareness, empowering our brains to naturally process & figure out the root cause for us

All of these lead to a better, clearer undrstanding of ourselves…

The better we understand ourselves…

The more empathy we can have for others.

When we share our stories, our vulnerability creates trust, a real bond with others who have experienced something similar, & hope that they can get through it, too {if not through yet}.

The more empathy we have for others, the more we can put ourselves in the place of our future clients.

When our future clients feel heard & understood, then & only then do you have the credibility to earn their attention for how you can solve their challenge. {Prior to this there’s skepticism & uncertainty!}

Ha, so that was a long, round about way of demonstrating Authentic Marketing.

I believe that people are very hungry for authenticity & the attraction of like minded, like energied connections that are genuine.

I’ve made a decision to work with ONLY those with whom I feel a genuine, authentic connection with. That doesn’t happen with everybody & that’s Okay!

But when it does… Watch Out… because my easily excitable Highly Sensitive nature will take over & you’re now my new best friend!

{Don’t believe me? Feel free to reach out to David Mykel from CliffHanger Academy, Barbara Wittman from Sage Seeker, Andrea Ivanka from Andrea Ivanka International, or Maria Keckler from Superb Communications!}

So, whenever Fear ? {or any other strong emotion} creeps up, instead of thinking you “shouldn’t” be feeling it, acknowledge it, be curious, & genuinely open to rhe lesson it’s trying to teach you.

This is your key to both personal & professional growth!

I Believe in You! We Got This!

Let’s Rock,
Crystal 🙂

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