You Have Choices. Why increase your Impact Online?

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First, I’d like to congratulate you on building a successful 6 figure business! You did it! You put in the time, bent over backwards to help your clients achieve results.

& it’s paid off… they LOVE you & that feels wonderful!

As awesome as this is…. you feel it’s not enough. You know there are so many more you could help… if only there was a way to increase your impact with less energy drain {after all, keeping up this pace is just not sustainable, right?!}…

You Have Choices.

You could increase your impact in multiple ways…
~ word of mouth
~ networking
~ corporate referrals
~ speaking
~ selling / promoting your book{s}

Why should you consider an online path?

Let’s cut to the chase. At the end of the day it comes down to…

Not Sustainable. Your current offline only model is just not sustainable for your energy, health, relationships, & future goals.

Scalable. Just like it took work, determination, patience, strategy, & a plan to get to where you are today, scaling your business will take all of this plus a new toolset {mindset, skills, strategy, plan, testing, optimization etc}. A hybrid offline / online model is where we can really start to scale your business without increasing the energy output in serving.

Freedom / Choices / Breathing Room. Yes, your business looks awesome on paper, but the reality is you’re working very hard. To create even a hybrid offline / online business model would allow you freedom, choices {yay!}, & breathing room to both focus on what matters most to you &…

Increased Creativity. When we’re busy running our businesses, sometimes it’s more challenging to have the breathing room & space to see & feel clearly what we’re supposed to do next. A special collaboration project? A new book? An online course? A destination retreat? Follow your intuition & embrace your natural creativity while serving with renewed energy.

Increased Fulfillment. What you’ve accomplished thus far is amazing! You deserve to be proud & celebrate how far you’ve come & realize that you’re only just beginning. To fully incorporate a Give Back Component {whatever that means to you}, would be the ultimate in fulfillment!

Appreciate Abundance. Yes, it’s accepted that we have gratitude & appreciate the abundance in our lives today. However, you feel in your gut that there’s so much more {right?!}. When we appreciate abundance, we increase our capacity for receiving more. A hybrid offline / online business model is a natural manifestation of this!


A possible solution… Consider at least a hybrid model of offline & online, leveraging online for Lead Generation for your High Ticket offerings.

At the core of all of this, it comes down to…

Being More True to Yourself.

Is this You?

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I believe that we’re #BetterTogether & can achieve more collectively than alone.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock {Our Collective Impact!}
~Crystal 🙂