Did the Last 2 Years Change You, Too?

I know I’m not alone.

I feel like I’m just now coming out of a faux dream~like state… an alternate reality… only to reluctantly discover it was no dream. Personal tragedies and challenges actually happened. And I will never be the same. Forever changed.

{There’s a reason I don’t do this in video… tears are streaming as I type through blurry eyes.}

And it’s ok. Everything happens for a reason.

We live. We love. We lose. We encourage, uplift, & support each other on this crazy journey. We adapt & adjust. We move forward. With big hearts & a refreshed lens.


For ourselves. For friends. For family. For colleagues. For strangers. For the time it takes to heal.

And why not? Life is so harsh. Be the safe place for others. Don’t do it for the kudos you get publically. Do it for the ripple effects you will never see.

For the past 2 years, I’ve slowly, then virtually completely pulled away from all social media {I’d stopped watching the news years ago!}.

It’s what was necessary for me to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, & physically {when possible} in addition to serving my existing {awesome!} clients.

My clients have been amazing. Truly. I’m so incredibly fortunate to have worked and continue to work with a very select few. They have {some} knowingly & most unknowingly gotten me through the roughest period of my personal life. Bar None.

Funnel Marketing Consulting Crystal Kumpula Did the last 2 years change you too

Just recently, I’ve felt the fog lifting. Not gone, but enough to feel that I’m finally emotionally & mentally ready to peer through my new lens and see what the future holds for my career.

I’m literally in the process of questioning everything surrounding that right now. I find that no matter how hard I try, I’m always pulled back to a foundational level. I have no choice but to start from scratch and question {& loving every minute}…

~ what kind of #SustainableLifestyle do I want to create?

~ what are my Strengths?

~ what comes easily to me {not for others}?

~ what lights me up?

~ & {almost most importantly} what do I not want?

I’m finally super excited about this process. It feels right to me.

I can’t spoil the ending that has not been created yet… however I can share this secret…

My business WILL change. Probably drastically. Potentially unrecognizably.

Doing every aspect of funnel marketing is no longer the right fit for me.

2019 Crystal was all for it.

2022 Crystal craves… Simplicity.

Regardless of how this opens up for me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being on this journey with me.

Just today I was reconnecting with a dear colleague & friend & we both admitted that life is meant to evolve… not be stagnant.

Through all of this, do you know what’s really cool? My Deep WHY… No matter where my career takes me, my North Star, so to speak remains constant. My products & services may change… heck my entire business model &/or business might change… however… My Deep WHY will remain the same. Here it is in its rawest form…

Everybody is Worthy of Being Themselves.

What’s your Deep WHY?

Go & create your #SustainableLifestyle on your own terms.


P.S. Incidentally, helping coach others 1:1 to get out of their own way and uncover THEIR Deep WHY… DOES light me up! Want to get on my waiting list? Message me on IG @Funnel_Marketing_Consulting or find my email on my Services page {linked in Nav above}

**21 Oct 2022 Update: Please note that I’m not accepting new clients at this time. This blog is being left up as a courtesy because of the resources, if they’re helpful. 😉