Honor the Struggle?

Brendon Burchard is known for this. I love Brendon & am in total alignment with 99% of his philosophies, ideas, etc.

I was recently chatting with a friend who’s going through a rough period in life. Brendon’s phrase popped in my head to offer… but something held me back from saying it…

In true Highly Sensitive style {deep processing}, the “answer” didn’t come to me until later.

I was curious as to why this wasn’t the right “advice” in the moment for my friend {& all of us!}.

Yes, it’s true… I say… share… & believe that Everything Has Perfect Timing.

… but Honor the Struggle?

Yes, I agree that life will give us challenges. This isn’t the exception, but if not everyday, a very regular occurrence, right?

So, yes, expect challenges & embrace them {easier said than done sometimes, though, right?!} since they are there to help us navigate emotions, reactions, & teach lessons.

However, at least to me, Struggle implies difficulty. Are things truly difficult, tough to handle, or is it our reaction &/or lens to/of them that makes them so?

The older I get, the more I’m reminded that when I release my attachment to a particular outcome {aka “go with the flow”}, there is more ease & contentment surrounding my life etc.

Ask yourself, what is truly in my control? What is completely out of my control?

What about Struggle? Is this a mandatory part of life?

Hmmm… not necessarily.

I believe that the more compassionate we can be with ourselves & others as we go through life’s challenges, the more we can create an encouraging, uplifting, & supportive environment to provide the comfort, security, & permission that allows us the confidence to truly be ourselves… to be curious to ask what lessons life is teaching us individually & to come up with our own solutions to what that means to us.

I believe that this is really the key… Solutions. Isn’t that what really causes anxiety for some / all of us? Not having an instant lightbulb moment for the perfect solution to our challenge?

What’s interesting for me is that once I become aware of a challenge & I rephrase it to curiously ask why… the immediate power is transformed from victim to empowerment. Once the immediate “stress” has been taken away from our brains, it allows us to actually consider solutions… thus deflating “Struggle” & creating more ease.

{There’s actually a LOT of really cool neuroscience stuff going on here relating to the brain’s natural danger / flight or fight chemical mode for “protection”. Once this is disabled, the right chemicals come flooding back, finally allowing solutions to be processed. Up until then, they’re actually being blocked! For more info, reach out to David Mykel from @CliffHangerAcademy {Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn} or CliffHangerAcademy.com & tell him Crystal sent you. COOL, Fascinating stuff!}

What do you think?

Does this make sense?

Does this resonate with you?

So… perhaps instead of saying Honor the Struggle… we should say…

Accept Life’s Challenges.

To me, this feels more empowering…


To Our Collective Impact,
~Crystal 🙂