Imagine If…


Imagine If… we were actively learning what is working & what is not in online marketing from a community of like~driven, action~taking entrepreneurs like us also working towards transitioning their business online…

Not Theory.

Not Information.

Not Fluff.

But Results.

As Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, Authors, Leaders, & Experts we often spend most of our prime decision making time alone.

How much time do you spend on business development by yourself?

How much time do you spend on marketing strategy by yourself?

Regardless of what’s worked in the past, the same tools & ways of getting to point A to point B are not likely to work when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, right?

Here’s proof…

Brendon Burchard & Dean Graziosi at the Growth Summit 2017 in Phoenix, shared with us that in order to reach each & every new level of success {whatever that means to You}, it takes the same ladder {process}. There’s no getting around the steps. There’s no “Do you know who I am?” ego to consider. It’s the same process… Every. Time. for Everybody.

{& how Fantastic is that?!}

One of those steps is acquiring new skills. This is for YOU {even if you have a team do implementation work} as well as your team.

I’ll assume that since you’re reading this that there’s something missing for the online marketing portion. Since that’s the case, the best way to learn anything is immersion, right?

If you would like to learn Italian quickly, spend time in Italy. If you’d like to learn how to rock climb, join a rock climbing gym. If you’d like to learn yoga, take & immerse yourself in a class.

You get the idea!

So how is this any different for our businesses? Specifically for creating a leveraged system for generating more income with less energy drain, so you can increase your impact with your work?

Yup, You’re Right. It’s not any different.

As a Thought To Ponder… consider the value of such a private, encouraging, confidential, uplifting, safe, supportive, small group where we’re not only consistently taking action towards Transitioning 2 Online, but ALSO {& probably the MOST valuable part}, learning 1st hand from each other.

What’s working. What’s not.

Consider these…

What would it be worth to you personally?

What would it be worth to your health?

What would it be worth to your relationships?

What would it be worth to the future of your Sustainable business?

What would it be worth to your energy, peace of mind, & creativity?

What would it be worth to your Dream Clients?

What would it be worth to your WHY?

What would it be worth to your Vision?

What would it be worth to your Impact?

Congrats on taking this seriously & I’ve certainly given you a lot to ponder…

“There’s nothing more fun, inspiring, & motivating than surrounding yourself with like~driven people taking action” ~Crystal Kumpula

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& Remember…

I Believe in You, We Got This & Let’s Rock Our Impact!
~Crystal 🙂