Is Your Marketing Focusing on the Wrong Thing?

There’s nothing more disheartening than learning that your focus is wrong…

When I first learned about the Brand Ascension Model in one of my trainings, I was literally blown away.

I was so momentarily shocked that it took me a minute to process the ramifications of what I had just learned… in about 2 min…

Then I was ticked… why wasn’t THIS concept… this model… being taught elsewhere? 

Maybe it is, but I hadn’t heard of it… not in my certification training with ClickFunnels… not in any of the other advanced trainings I had taken over the years… nor the many “business events” I had attended.

Here it is… It’s called the Brand Ascension Model.

The idea is that there is a hierarchy of business… or the phase of business you’re in. Okay, so that’s not a surprise, but what was the huge lightbulb moment for me was what should {then what shouldn’t} be your #1 focus at each of these stages.

1. Startup ~> Client Results
You’re looking to prove the concept, so to speak.
In my opinion, this also applies to new products / services and brand new market segments {audiences}. There’s no shame in starting over. This is the same process for everybody!

2. Professional ~> Getting Paid {aka “butts in seats”}
Yup, it works. Now the focus is on however humanly possible to hustle and find people however you can. The cash flow isn’t there yet, but you’re working on it. This SHOULD be grassroots, word of mouth, networking, etc.

3. Influencer ~> Being Seen {expand your reach}
Awesome! The cash is flowing… now it’s time to focus on the activities that will get more eyeballs on your business. THIS is when you build a website, deliberately {& strategically} post on social media, look into speaking gigs, being a guest on podcasts, blogs, summits, marketing funnels, and being strategic about developing a short & longer term Traffic Strategy. {lightbulb, anyone?!}

4. Brand ~> Scale
If you put $x in, you’ll get $x out of your business. It’s predictable. Now you’re ready to improve your systems, processes, and really focus on scaling what is ALREADY working. {lightbulb anyone?!}

Does this make sense?

Is your mind blown, too, or is this old hat for you?

Please reply & let me know! I’d LOVE to hear your #1 takeaway or #1 question for potential future training, regardless of where you find yourself.

I’m very committed to helping You increase your #PositiveImpact with your work so you can have more choices… at home… at work… and in life. 

My Dream Client is an Influencer. They have proven products / services with raving fans for clients. They may not have everything together {Messaging, Dream Client, & Traffic Strategy} to actually build a system to help them ramp up their income, but investing in a system that will help them get there is no problem. Doing it the right way to establish a solid online foundation is the only way to go. This includes starting with the big picture of how this fits into their overall business & customizing a plan that is unique to them. They’d rather do it right… without “pushing it through”… or not at all. Most importantly is finding a partner who Sees them, who “gets” them, and can work seamlessly with them in a genuine, authentic way.

Action Item ~> Based on the above, where is your business? What is your #1 focus?

Based on that focus, what are your next steps?
Take the proper time to develop a plan and reach out for help for ideas &/or to get your thoughts organized.

Own Your Choices & Everything Has Perfect Timing… 

Here are some options to consider… 

1. Schedule a conversation with me ~ Choose Discovery Session {even to process the above for you. I LOVE general business planning, too, and am happy to get to know you personally & to be a sounding board as my schedule allows!}

2. Hit reply. Share #1 ~ what you’re focus is now & #2 ~ what your number 1 question is

3. If you haven’t already, learn about Your Deep WHY

Creating a Real Tangible #PositiveImpact Matters.
Let’s rock yours!

~Crystal 😍
Crystal Kumpula with Funnel Marketing Consulting

P.S. What’s your #1 online marketing challenge right now? Hit reply & let me know… {I’m looking for video training ideas!}