It went straight to my heart…

It went straight to my heart. ? My core. & apparently my subconscious.⠀

I was a young teenager… felt the loss… the resignation… the defeat… & the reluctant, but duty bound decision of my dad {my hero} to give up his entrepreneurial dreams… to go back to teaching.⠀

Now, don’t get me wrong. I knew my dad loved teaching & was incredibly gifted with it. But he couldn’t fool me. His heart & passion lied in creating a better life for us all. ⠀

It left a deep, profound impression on me.⠀
{This is a pic of us from 2011 at his retirement party} ?⠀

Fast forward to today… ⠀
~ 9 businesses {involved in}, 6 as owner / co~owner⠀
~ past President of BNI chapter⠀
~ ran an international digital marketing agency⠀
~ funnel marketing certification with ClickFunnels⠀
~ expert in cultivating authentic connections⠀
~ obsessed with solving #1 challenge for most businesses… marketing⠀

But not just any marketing… one that speaks to me in a genuine authentic way. & if you’re reading this, I know that you feel the same way, too!⠀

?Question… Do these resonate with you? Are you wondering…⠀
“How can I create authentic connections & attract the right audience online without overwhelm?⠀⠀
Now that I have many happy clients, how do I ramp up my income without draining my energy?⠀⠀
How do I create a manageable system for ramping up my income?”⠀

If so, I’d love to have a phone conversation with you to learn more. Schedule at your convenience here.

To Our Collective #PositiveImpact,
Crystal 🙂