My Origin Story ~ Whew!

Sometimes in life the waves push us around. Sometimes the storm is a test for what’s to come. One thing is for certain… there are many Life Lessons we learn. Not one is a mistake or failure, but a lesson… IF we acknowledge, learn, & then strive to apply it in our lives.

Have you experienced being seemingly “magnetically drawn” to certain people? You may not even consciously be aware of why? I certainly have! & as human nature goes, so is your audience.

Authentic & Attraction Marketing isn’t about manipulation, like the traditional feel of “Old School” marketing. There’s a new wave, albeit small, of marketing… of people sick & tired of fast talking people, & a magnetic draw to those that understand you.

Have you felt it? Have you experienced it? It may be slower in organic growth, but I fully feel & believe that it’s stronger & more sustainable long term.

So, HOW do you start doing this naturally in YOUR business? Start with your Origin Story.

Because this is something I NEEDED to do & because it’s a Show, Not Tell example for YOU, I created my own this week. The timing was finally right for me.

{Deep Breath!}

This wasn’t easy for me, but I invite you to check it out for yourself & ask that you please share it with anyone you feel might gain inspiration from it as well.

Okay, here we go…

Wow! So what did you think?

Any A~Ha moments for you?

Who do you know who might be inspired by my story. Please share. It just might help them feel more understood.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock

Ya… let’s do this… #SustainableLifestyle

Who’s In?!