How do we Remove the Overwhelm when Transitioning 2 Online?

How do we Remove the Overwhelm when Transitioning 2 Online by Funnel Marketing Consulting's Crystal Kumpula

Question… How much time, money & energy have you spent over the last, say 3 years on…

~ online courses
~ video series
~ online workshops
~ webinars
~ in person events
~ in person workshops
~ destination retreats, etc.

A lot?!

Over the years, So have I!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love every single one of these… for very specific reasons. You probably learned a lot, received value, & met great people, right? Yup, me, too!

How about this…

How did the real life implementation to what you learned go?

Did you do it for awhile, then revert back to more familiar habits?
Did you feel overwhelmed & an increase in anxiety at even knowing where to begin?
Or did you begin, then get stuck, so got frustrated & just never revisited it?

If so, you’re not alone.

This is one of the biggest frustrations that I personally have with being an entrepreneur… we have the perfect intention & determination to increase our knowledge to move forward, & then we get stuck in the implementation & so our progress stalls, right?

I’ve always thought, “I’ll happily pay you, if you help me shortcut ACTUALLY getting from point A to point B, tech & all, Let’s just cut to the chase!” Can you relate to this? I think we all get bogged down in the details & in the fact that the owner of these programs feels the need to justify the value… so what do they do… they stuff in a lot of information. That’s great… but at the end of the day, we only have so much time & energy to figure stuff out on our own to actually implement, right? Ya, me, too!

So, that led me to wondering if there was a better way…

Hey My Friends! This is Crystal with Funnel Marketing Consulting & today I’m going to answer the question…

How do we Remove the Overwhelm, Ease Anxiety, Decrease Thinking Time & actually Have Fun when Transitioning our successful Coaching, Consulting, Training, Speaking, Writing, or Expert Business 2 Online?

It all comes down to 4 words… are you ready?

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To Our Impact,
Crystal 🙂