You’ve Diamond Clarity on Your WHY. So What?

Congrats on diving in 7 levels deep to uncover your WHY! Pretty amazing, right?!

Or… perhaps you’re still in research or credibility gathering mode {if you’re like me!} & digging a bit deeper to learn about this WHY stuff before diving in to find yours…

Either way, it’s All Good! Remember, Everything Has Perfect Timing, so Trust Your Gut & do what’s best for YOU right NOW, then the next step will become clear sometime {not always right away} after…

Okay… so Why Should we Care about Uncovering Your WHY?! There are a TON of reasons {in my book}, but here are a few of my favorites…

1.   Clarity for What Drives YOU

After experiencing this for myself & remembering how emotional I became when going through this {Did you see the Video?!}, it was a HUGE lightbulb moment for me. As a result, it makes perfect sense now! Once we have this Clarity, we have a New Lens for which to view, better understand our deep driver, & can raise our awareness to our deep connection to our work.

2.   Deep Connection with Your Audience

Dean Graziosi hired an ultra successful business consultant to help him convert more people to his products & services. He knew in his gut what he offered genuinely would change people’s lives, but was frustrated that his conversion numbers were low. The consultant taught him the 7 levels deep exercise because it was a way to get to DEAN’s deep driver, which when sharing his raw & authentic story, spoke directly to the HEART of his audience, creating a bond born out of vulnerability unlike no other. For those that could relate to Dean’s deep driver, trust was easier because they felt understood… thus… increasing his conversions! {Amazing at how #AuthenticMarketing works! Of course you & I are NOT surprised by this because after all, It’s WHO WE ARE & doing it any other way is simply NOT a Choice, right?!} 🙂

3. A More Effective ‘Origin Story’

In #AuthenticMarketing & #AttractionMarketing especially, Stories That Show {Not Tell} Are Everything. Now that you’re clear & aware of your deep true driver, consider the story behind why you do what you do. How did you get started in your current career? What was your motivation? Was it something that frustrated you about an industry / product / service / core values / philosophies etc? Was it instigated by a painful Life Lesson? Once you’re clear on this, look through the lens of Your WHY & revise your Origin Story & share with your audience. Now that’s Powerful!

4. Authentic & Attraction Marketing at Its Best

I’m a HUGE Simon Sinek fan {shocking, I know, ha! BTW ~ If you haven’t seen his talk at the 99% conference, go to my Leadership YT Playlist & check it out!}, & we both believe that “People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy WHY You Do It”. By leading with your WHY in your marketing copy, you’ll naturally & authentically attract the people who believe & think the same as you. {Don’t we ALL want to be a magnet vs push?!}

5. Building a Strong Following of the RIGHT People

When you’re a magnet for people who believe what you believe & who can relate to you, your Audience Building will be more authentic & natural, thus when they’ve gotten to know you a bit… & when you have a solution to a problem they’d LOVE to have solved… then saying Yes to Your Solution is just simply a no brainer! Life is too short. Let’s not waste our time on marketing to EVERYBODY, but to the ones who “hear” your dog whistle. 🙂


Any “A~Ha” moments?

What most resonates with you?

What questions come up as you were reading this?

I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below!

Remember… I Believe in You & We Got This!

Big Hugs,
Crystal 🙂