25 Oct 2018 Reflection

Today marks a new season in my business. I honored the ending & I’m ready to step into whatever new adventure awaits!

Here’s what came from today’s writing…

I am so very grateful for my life. I may not always understand, but I’m learning to trust that I will be put in places I’m needed.
I am perfectly content with my life & have everything I need.
I am striving daily to live in the present. In the past, I was so focused on the future, that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate what was right in front of me.

I am appreciating the little things daily.

I am attracting My audience.

I am attracting wealth.

I am attracting more abundance.

I am attracting those that can most benefit from my services.

I am open to the fact that my Dream Client may not be who I think it is.

I am ready to step into my new season… excited, happy, ready to make new connections, & ready to encourage, uplift, & support others on their journey to create more sustainable, scalable, impact.

The door is now wide open.

Let’s step inside…