Chronic Fatigue

Oh chronic fatigue…
What are you teaching me?


Not every day is a good day
But there is good in every day
I just have to look

Be grateful for & take advantage of the days or moments when I feel like me, for I never know how long it will last

Be aware of & take inspired action when it hits

Have empathy & compassion for everyone I meet or converse with online or off. We never know what kind of invisible battle others are dealing with.

Encouraging, uplifting, & supporting others as much as we can not only boosts our good brain chemicals, but we never know what it deeply means to the recipient {& that’s okay}. Give with zero expectation of anything in return. The more we do this, the better we can help each other get through life’s challenges collectively.

Chronic Fatigue has also taught me to take care of myself. If I don’t, who will? This may sound funny, but for many #HighlySensitiveLeaders, this is NOT intuitive. My natural instincts are to give to others. I do this effortlessly & it truly makes me happy.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way… both as a mom & as an entrepreneur. When we don’t put our health first, it’s impossible to fully give back to others. I believe it’s more of a challenge to be fully Present when our health or self care is lacking. Being fully Present {& everything this entails} in our conversations, offline & on, is one of the greatest gifts to give & receive. We’ve all experienced both, right?!

Chronic Fatigue has taught me that saying no to an activity, when I’ve previously said yes is okay & without guilt or shame {when you can get to this point, it’s huge!}. This was a HUGE “A~Ha” moment for me!

Chronic Fatigue has taught me to acknowledge my frustrations, let them pass, & choose to focus on what I CAN do in any given moment. We are not victims. We have choices.

Sometimes what I need in the moment is a nap or to just close my eyes & rest for 15 minutes. Sometimes, my body really needs water! Sometimes, I really need to be outside! Sometimes, I can ask myself what lesson I’m learning & just write like I am now. Sometimes, I need connection, so can choose.

Do you know someone who deals with chronic fatigue? What advice would they give others?

There isn’t 1 person who escapes without challenges. I believe these are our greatest teachers.

~Crystal 🙂