Does Costco use Tires as a Loss Leader?

Just before the busy Thanksgiving holiday {here in the US}, my husband & I decided to renew our business membership at Costco {gotta love business expenses!}.

He did the research & we’d still save money from buying tires at Costco with the membership {then get the gas discount & other perks} vs not… so we decided to go for it.

After seeing both their Blizzak prices AND the list of “extras” they include For The Life of The Tires…  my mind was boggled. How could they possibly make money to…

1. Offer such awesome prices

on high end snow tires? {ya, a total must in snow country!} &

2. Continue paying the staff

for all of the Little Extra Perks that were thrown in?

Yup, I know… volume is the best answer & I’m certain that it’s true. If you’ve ever been to Costco or heard of it, a LOT of people typically shop there because of the “savings” by purchasing in bulk {another topic completely}… but it occurred to me…

What happens when someone is waiting for their tires to be replaced, repaired, rotated, etc?

Yup… might as well browse the store & “waste time” right?!


Yup, you guessed it! The chances are pretty high that they’ll buy more than a few things, right?!

So, how does this apply to YOU & marketing your business?

Great question {I’m glad you asked!}

1. To raise Awareness

that all companies have Loss Leaders. Something that they’re willing to let go At Cost or Loss just to get you in the door. Knowing that the chances are high that once you are, you’ll spend more.

2. What is

YOUR Loss Leader?

3. For #OnlineMarketing

& especially #FunnelMarketing, your loss leader could be 1 or more things to bring people through your funnel… with the chances very high that if they get that far, they’re a great candidate for your High Ticket.

Make sense? How cool is that?

So… #FunnelMarketing is not any different than traditional marketing, it just looks different.

What products or services {or pieces of them!} could you use as a Loss Leader for your business?

Test it out… see what works & go from there!

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~Crystal 🙂