Getting Real on Energy with Maree Eddings

Wow. Just Wow.

So, it’s been an hr & a half {approx} since I finished my 1st energy session {written on Thurs 29 Nov} with the amazing Maree Eddings & the back of the head / neck tension is completed gone. Yes, I mean completely!

Okay, let me back up a bit…

For the last 9+ months or so {since it’s been totally noticeable, but definitely longer than that}, I’ve experienced chronic fatigue.

After we got a bit settled after transitioning off the boat for the season, I decided enough is enough. It’s time to start looking into this & see what / if something else is going on… aside from my High Sensitivity… it just felt different.

So, after 4 rounds of blood draws over a week and half period, I posted a brief update on my personal FB page. Maree, being a dear friend & highly respected colleague of mine, saw the post & offered her services.

“I’m not sure if it will help, but I think it’s worth a try if you’re up for it.” shares Maree with me.

To be fully transparent, I trust Maree 100%. She’s as real, grounded, smart, genuine, authentic, centered, powerful, empathetic as it gets, but what I really respect & admire about Maree is hands down her Leadership! She has this firm certainty about her. Not in an arrogant, flaunty sort of way, but in a way that is magnetic, instantly trusting, with integrity, & confidence.
{You know… the exact kind of person you’d want in your life!}

So, yesterday, I developed a headache, that progressed into a migraine, causing me to cancel an evening appt. I spent the evening with an ice pak on my head & decided to find a movie / show to watch as I was relaxing {something I haven’t done in MONTHS}.

This morning, I woke up with the headache still hanging on. It wasn’t as bad as the night before, but I hands down didn’t feel well. So, after getting some work done, I took a nap before our session.

When we started, the tension in my head, was both on top & at the very back of my neck, right at the base of my head. The base of my head / neck being the worst.

Maree started by making sure I was grounded… cleared any negative energy just like a waterfall {fascinating by itself, although already familiar with it}… and worked with me as my body was providing answers to get to the root of the problem & what would fix / clear it.

As we worked together, I was honestly shocked that after what seemed like mere minutes, the tightness in the right side of my neck was 100% gone. Poof! Seriously. Just like that. {WHAT?!}

We worked on the left side & the spot slowly diminished, but never completely left.  All good.  What a HUGE improvement from when we started. I was incredibly happy {amazed}!

{Did I mention that this was all done via video conferencing?! Mind boggling, right?!     Cool, side, fun~fact… Maree lives in Australia! How cool is that?!}

So, what did I learn?

1. Energy wants to move.

The tightness I was experiencing {which has been an ongoing, regular, but not frequent, challenge for me} was energy getting stuck & wanting to move. The challenge is that something was blocking it. {again, Totally Fascinating stuff to me!}

2. Sometimes physical movement can be enough to get it unstuck

Yup! No… “what is the limiting belief that’s blocking me”, wanting to be understood first… Totally unreal… I guess I’ll be taking more walks {should be doing anyway, but wasn’t “feeling” up to it}.

3. Highly Sensitive bodies require more water & oxygen

Our chakra energy all spins like a vortex. In Highly Sensitives, it spins faster {fascinating!!!}, so our bodies literally require more water & oxygen. How do we get this? Drink more water {duh, but more like 1 gallon a day}. Take in foods  with more water {soups, smoothies etc} vs dry ingredients. {Who knew?!}

4. I’ll resume my morning free writing

I actually LOVE this & am a big fan, but for some reason have been out of the habit of doing this regularly. Writing is the perfect way to process how we’re feeling & to uncover not only what’s keeping us temporarily stuck, but continually moving forward, in 100% alignment. We can learn a TON about ourselves by the simple act of free writing.

5. I’ll resume my morning & evening energy clearing

I forget that it’s not only our physical surroundings, but the internal subconscious {ever had a not fun dream, woke up, & set off the entire day terribly?!} like dreams that can cause our brains & bodies to react. Remember, our brains do not know the difference between what’s real & what’s not. Our bodies will respond how it feels it should to “protect” us.

Powerful, powerful, powerful stuff.

As Highly Sensitives especially, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we can learn to not only survive, but thrive.  I’m not there yet, but actively working towards that goal.

It’s nice to know that in this journey called life, we’re not alone. There are others with tools to help us along.

Maree is a true gem. Full of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, & best of all TOOLS!

If you’re feeling the pull, please reach out to her & tell her Crystal says hi. Her work is fascinating, helpful, & will continue to educate & impact many.

Check out her beautiful website {did I mention she has some super valuable Free Resources?!} & definitely follow her on Facebook & {my favorite} Instagram!

So, at the beginning I mentioned that the spot on my neck with remaining tension after our session ended up going completely away! I was so surprised. So what happened? Well, I can speculate, but the fact is, after our session, I sat down to process a bit before moving forward, then moved around a bit more {time to eat again, so a good excuse for me as I’ve been sitting a lot lately}, knew I wanted to process deeper, then had an epiphany to write this blog post. Poof… just like that gone! {I know, crazy, right?!}

Our bodies are very fascinating. They’re capable of telling us what’s wrong & how to fix it if we just learn how to listen. Trust your gut. Always. If you’re unsure what to do, reach out to ask questions.

#IBelieveInYou #WeGotThis #LetsRock our collective impact,
~Crystal 🙂